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The Owase Chamber Of Commerce of Industry

Phone: +81-597-22-2611

Discover Owase!

Members of the Owase Chamber of Commerce Women’s Division walked the mountain trails featured on this website in order to spread the word about Owase’s beautiful nature trails and history regarding these locations. These women have lived in Owase their entire lives but did not know that their city was full of many beautiful breathtaking places and wanted to share their discovery with the world. Hence this guidebook was born.

We hope visitors find the information on this site, as well as the 92-page guidebook, will be useful in discovering Owase.


Area 1

Mt. Tengura/Mt. Binshi
Easy access to the trail from Owase. The trail is on Kumano Kodo, a registered as a World Heritage.


Area 2 Mataguchigawa/Furukaw
Industrial heritage that supported Owase’s forestry. This is a secluded region with a beautiful waterfall. 


Area 3 Owashi Alps
Mountain ridge that stretches high and wide in Owase.


Area 4 Yanokawa
This trail is called Yanokawa Togemichi. It was considered to be the hardest trail to walk among the land routes that connected Owase and Kumano.


Area 5 Mt. Yaki
Travelers on Kumano Kodo used to fear this trail calling it “the most difficult trail to pass in the west.”


Area 6 Kuki/Haida/Wauchi
Beautiful ocean and forest sites protected by precipitous cliff.


Area 7 Motosugari
Sea routes that have been supporting life in Sugari where there are precious natural sites such as a sea relic lake.


“Secluded Region Guidebook, Discover Owase!”
Size: B5, 92 pages, full color

Price: 800 JPY

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