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The Owase Chamber Of Commerce of Industry

Phone: +81-597-22-2611

Area 2   Mataguchigawa/Furukawa

Mataguchigawa and Furukawa’s clear streams reflect fresh verdure in sprig and autumn leaves in fall.

Industrial heritage that supported Owase’s forestry remains in the basin, and you will be amazed by the unknown mystic sites like Anagi’s Fall and Queen’s Fall.


Area Map & Recommended Courses
2-1 Shin-kyu sakashitazuido

2-2 Mataguchigawa/Torokko (Tram) Tunnel/Yama no Kami (God of Mountain)

2-3 Anagi’s Fall

2-4 Yahata Toge/Furukawa Owase Trail

2-5 Queen’s Fall/Kawaragoya

2-6 Kowadani/Dekobuchi/Incline Remain


For more details, please refer to the guidebook which includes beautiful photos and detailed maps.

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