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The Owase Chamber Of Commerce of Industry

Phone: +81-597-22-2611

Area 1   Mt. Tengura/Mt. Binshi

Trails are very accessible from Owase.

You can enjoy rich nature surrounded by ocean and mountains, as well as rich historic heritages such as Komano Kodo/Magose Toge and Iwayado Sekibutsu.


Area Map & Recommended Courses
1-1 Hieizan Chorakuin/Inohana Suiheido
1-2 Iwayado Sekibutsu/Hachijyoiwa
1-3 Magose Park/Magose
1-4 Mt. Tengura
1-5 Ochoboiwa
  Bokeshi Course 1. Ochoboiwa
1-6 Mt. Binshi/Zou no Se (Elephant’s Back)
  Bokeshi Course 2. Mt Binshi/Zou no Se (Elephant’s Back)

For more details, please refer to the guidebook which includes beautiful photos and detailed maps.

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